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Angel Eyes Home Watching Service provides a quality home watching service for our customers, so that they have a "Peace of Mind" when they are away from their homes. We will be here for you, when you are not.

We are Bonded & Insured.

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Country Style Living Room


Personalized Approach

It's not just a babysitter for your home. It's more like having an aunt stay in your home to take care of the things you shouldn't have to worry about when you are out of town. 

Whether it be deliveries, maintenance workers, or contractors, we will be there for you when you can't be there yourself!

Delivery Van


Winter / Summer Care

Living in Florida, we see our customers come and go throughout the seasons. One of the biggest concerns they have are all the little things like: landscapers, deliveries, bug and pest care, pool, garbage, etc... the list goes on and on. We are here for you on whatever level you need us to be. All the little things that add up and equate to stress while you are not here, we can help manage this for you.

Pool Tiles


Special Deliveries, etc...

We can provide driving service to and from the airport if needed. We network with contractors to fix any issues or problems that may arise. We do key watch service. We handle special deliveries, and can accommodate a number of different special requests. Each family is different and has different needs. No request is too small or too much for us to handle. 
We know most of the vendors and contractors, which gives us an advantage when helping you out with your specific needs.



Contractors/Vendor Recommendations

Whether you are new to the area or a long time veteran, there's always a need for "a guy." We mean it when we say, "I have a guy for you that will get the job done." We take careful consideration when recommending vendors or contractors to our clients. We only offer up vendors or contractors that we would use as our own in a time of need. You can take comfort in knowing that if you found them on "Angel's List," it's absolutely someone we would use or recommend to friends and family. Lots to be said for having 10 years of relationships to recommend!

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Love this company, you will not find a more honest and experience company for the job! Truly wonderful people with great character! Very experienced in serving homeowners who need that extra care, and watchful eye on their number one investment when they travel, vacation, etc...

Esther Stabile
St. Petersburg, FL


Tampa, FL 33624


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